Published in the local community paper The Wire on 23.02.2008,
printed on newsprint and posted around Roosevelt Island

please fill in the blank boxes and press submit to answer the online version. if you
feel like it enter your name and contact details in the first box before you start
answering. Thanks!

Were you born on Roosevelt Island?

How did you end up here?

Did you always want to live on an Island?

What is your earliest memory of the island?

Do you think the Island has secrets worth listening too?

Do you feel the edges of the Island? Is the shoreline a site of uncertainty or
a site of potential?

Do you think landscapes produce types of people or particular ideas?

Do you feel connected to Manhattan or Queens, or distant from them?

What’s your favourite spot on the island? What is your favourite public space
on the island?

How do you feel about the new developments on the island?

Is there a sense of community on Roosevelt Island? What’s it like?

If geographies can be said to produce certain types of sounds, do you think
they produce particular communities?

If suburban planning was responsible in part for producing garage rock, what
music do you think an island might produce?

What does the island sound like to you?

Why has the island had so many names?

What would you name the island if you could?

If the island were a person, what would it be like?


Funded by The Graham Foundation For Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and Arts Council England.